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Chick City

I would like to finally introduce you to my chickens



I am by no means an expert, so if you are deciding on getting chickens for yourself, take this lightly.

Dorito, Trogdor, Mardigan, Chuck, and baby runty arrived last month from a farm with day old hatched Americana/easter egg chickens. Within a few says, runty passed away, having issues from birth. Baby chickens dying within the first week of being born is normal,?especially in certain conditions like extreme cold, disease able places, and a million other reasons. Do not just buy one chick, they will actually die of loneliness.

It is crucial that when caring for baby chickens, you purchase a heating light (infrared 75-100w initially, 50w after a month or so) and thermometer, keeping an enclosed, draft free area to about 95 degrees and tapering off each week at a few degrees.


Keep plenty of chick feed (make sure to read the label for baby chicks) and water clean. Chicks like to poop in water dishes and dump it over, it’s what they do.


Let the chickens be chickens, do not force affection. If you let them out a few times a day and get use to you, they will hang out. Make sure the area they are living in is not cold, as they will shiver. Remember, they were use to hanging out in an egg inside of a chicken belly.


Although they say its impossible to sex chickens, i think if you spend enough time with them you can totally tell. Trogdor is territorial, and lets everyone know when to come in and out. You tell me that’s not a male 🙂




Now you’re probably wondering, why would a vegan keep chickens? Well, first of all my boyfriend is not vegan. My mother isn’t, my friends aren’t, and they all love eggs! I’m allergic to eggs anyway, so giving them away is a great satisfaction to me. Ironically, I am not allergic to chickens, but i am to cats and dogs, which makes them ideal pets.

In high school, i was given two chickens from a friend and ended up loving them so much that we ended up with a few more. They rid your yard of pests, provide great fertilizer, and can be just as tame as dogs when treated with love and care.

They are about 1 month old, currently living in our back room, and soon they will be bearing the 100 degree weather outside. We (well, my boyfriend) built a chicken shack we have named “chick city” equipped with a self water and feeder as well as shade from a large mesquite tree.

Stay tuned for my chicken adventures, they grow quick!
For further info, check out Backyard Chickens


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