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What’s for lunch? Balsamic garlic portabella!


Before I was vegan, I was terrified of mushrooms. Something about the smell or the burnt dirt taste they have on pizzas just didn’t appeal to me. The only mushrooms i would try were, well, the special kind. But boy was I missing out! Mushrooms are high in protein, and satisfy that craving if you love meat. In this lunch blog, I use sandwich bread (Alvarado brand, vegan) but you can use a delicious vegan bun to make it a burger for dinner. Possibilities are endless! This is an easy lunch, and you can mix it up however you want. I kept mine simple, with a few slices of romain and some snack peppers on the side. But you can add vegan cheese, onion, tomatoes, whatever!

First, remove the stem of your mushroom.


Second, chop up garlic and add 1 tablespoon of oil and 3 tablespoons of balsamic


Season with pepper, and seasoning mix


Cook your mushroom on medium heat, 10 minutes on each side. If the balsamic mix begins to dry, add a few tablespoons of water to keep it as a glaze. Keep an eye on it!


After 20 minutes, let it cool and get out your sandwich stuff


And enjoy!



What’s for dinner? Veggie pizza!


Hi again! From time to time, i get asked on vegan ideas for dinners, so here I am! A simple, familiar dish that anyone could try: veggie pizza!

You can add daiya cheese, but honestly this taste great and I didnt feel like adding the extra calories.


And it’s so easy, I did it in picture form.
First, roll out your dough. Be sure to use flour so it doesn’t stick. We got this dough not frozen from Vons. Some pizza doughs can be made with non vegan ingredients, so be sure to read all the lables!


Add your pizza sauce of choice (preferably organic or diced tomatoes but its your choice)



Bake at 500 for about 12-15 minutes


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